Private Training

Initial visit:

  • In client’s home – $110/hr

After initial visit:

  • Individual sessions (in client’s home) – $105/hr
I will come to your home and provide an initial consultation during which we will discuss your concerns and goals. I will observe your dog’s behavior and provide a recommendation for a training program.

After the initial consultation, I will work with you to teach your dog the desired behavior. You will become the educated owner who is capable of training your dog.

Group Lessons

5 week session – $200

In a group setting, dogs are able to learn to focus on their owners while being around distractions. Group lessons provide an excellent opportunity for your dog to learn social skills while learning to listen to you.

I offer puppy training classes which teach socialization and basic commands. I also offer advanced education for dogs who have mastered the basics and are ready to increase their levels of obedience.

Finally, refresher lessons are offered for puppies or dogs who simply need to practice their skills.

Boot Camp

3 days and nights – $450

7 days and nights – $1050

For owners who feel more comfortable with their dog’s initial training being handled by someone else, I offer an extended stay at my house, with my dog.

During this time, I will observe your dog’s behavior, work on fixing any problem behaviors, and begin teaching  your dog how to be polite. Upon completion of the boot camp, your dog will be ready for consistent training at home.

You will receive a summary of the skills we worked on, and a consultation during which I will show you how to continue the training at home. If you prefer, I will continue to work privately with your dog.

Doggie Vacation

1 day and night – $90

3 days and nights – $265 ($5 savings)

7 days and nights – $620 ($10 savings)

***20% discount off second pup in the family!!

For owners who do not feel comfortable leaving their baby in a kennel while they are away, I offer the comforts of home for your dog. Your dog will stay with my family, while being treated as one of
our own.  With 1.3 acres for your dog, rest assured that he/she will be well exercised and entertained.

This is an option for owners who are
not looking for training, but who are simply looking for a safe, fun, and loving place for your dog to stay while you are away.

Please be sure to send a copy of your dog’s RABIES CERTIFICATE, along with proof of current Bordatella vaccination, and the completed “Boarding Form.” You should also follow what the “Checklist for Boarding” suggests that you send with your pup.

See some pictures in the “Recent Success Stories” on the homepage. Owners and dogs love doggie vacation at Polite Paws!